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Greenearth utilizes blockchain technology to protect the rainforests of Costa Rica from deforestation. The project incentivizes activism by rewarding people for participating in the blockchain revolution that is buying up the remaining land needing protection. After purchasing rainforest land, Green Earth can resell the rights to every square meter of land to responsible citizens looking to protect nature. The land for protection is on offer through Green Earth Tokens, or, the G.E.T. token. Avalon Life is the exclusive distribution partner of Greenearth. For more details, read the latest Greenearth information on Crypto Currency News and become active today!

Rainforests take 60-100 million years to evolve. Given that, they are home to over fifty percent of the world’s animal and plant diversity. They absorb our global greenhouse gases, produce the oxygen we breathe and provide a vast range of substances for the development of medical remedies. Additionally, rainforests prevent soil erosion and are vital for decreasing global warming and climate change. Furthermore, rainforests are the “lungs of the earth”. Most importantly, there is no adequate replacement if they are destroyed! Destruction of rainforests would result in massive acceleration of global warming and devastating loss of medical resources. Despite great international efforts, the rainforests are still massively threatened by deforestation!

Help to put a stop to exploitation!

At the present time, logging corporations, speculators and corporations are seeking to profit from the destruction and exploitation of the most fragile ecosystems of our planet. The current speed of deforestation is equivalent to the destruction of the surface area of one football pitch disappearing every second. On the other hand, you can help to stop this process – join in today!

Greenearth is a project based on blockchain technology to save the rainforests of Costa Rica. Join in today to protect biodiversity and this fragile environment. Visit our website, to find out more on how you can help!