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Psychotria Elata – A Strange and Luscious Beauty

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Costa Rica is home to a vast variety of species of fauna and flora alike. Deforestation is an immanent threat because of ignorance and greed. The only way to conserve these natural treasures of tremendous cultural and historical value is to become active in preservation efforts. On the one hand, this means educating the public on the incredible diversity of species in the rainforest. On the other hand, we should all consider aiding the efforts of conservation.

As can be seen, a unique array of wild and exotic creatures exist in the still untouched forest realm of Costa Rican rainforests. Among them is the beautiful Psychotria Elata, also known as Flower Lips or Hot Lips. Psychotria has bright red leaves, called bracts. These leaves are reminiscent of the luscious lips of a woman wearing red lipstick. Sadly, this beauty is among the species under threat because of deforestation.

For this purpose, the plant’s leaves work in a unique way to attract pollinating insects, butterflies and hummingbirds. The plant’s flowers only become visible once the lip-like leaves spread open. As Psychotria contain alkaloids, indigenous populations of Central America commonly use it as medicinal plant.

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