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Margays (Leopardus wiedii) are spotted felines that were once widespread in the rainforest of Costa Rica. They only weigh between three and five kilos and are very adept at climbing trees. Their natural habitat ranges from Mexico down to Northern Argentina, including the rainforests of Costa Rica. Margays are diurnal creatures sleep in trees and make nests in hollows as they prefer the forests to open areas. They have one to two young and do not breed well in captivity. Because of large-scale deforestation for banana plantations and pastures, the Margays’ habitat has been reduced to forested reserves and to above 3,000 meters in elevation.

Given these facts, Margays like to hunt at night. Their diet includes small monkeys, mammals like guinea pigs, rodents, lizards, frogs and vegetation. In reality, they are often mistaken for domestic cats because of their small size. In fact, they are slightly larger than domestic cats and slightly smaller than ozelots. Margays are solitary creatures and humans are among their predators.

In short, if you are wondering how you can get active in protecting this unique species, from extinction, read on to find out more about Greenearth. Greenearth is blockchain-based environmental project. To that end, we work towards protecting rainforests from human-caused deforestation. Help us to preserve the unique ecosystem of the Costa Rican rainforest and become active today by joining Greenearth: